Wednesday, January 5, 2011

D.I.Y.-Infinity Scarf

The Finished Project and I'm
All Bundled Up
With all this wintry weather, you may be searching for a cute and cozy fashion for keeping warm.  When slipping on the circular infinity scarf, it already looks wrapped and chic--but it doesn't need any retying or adjusting when the winds hit.  

Since October, I've been envious of my friend, Alice's, gray neckwear; however, because of GAP's sluggish restocking, I've been without an infinity scarf to call my own.  Inspired by my reading of Kate Jacob's The Friday Night Knitting Club, I picked up my size 7 needles and casted on.  With each row measuring 35 stitches across, it's a little wide, but also very warm.  

These no-tie wonders are being seen in everything from shades of gray that fade in and out in a silky weave to extra-chunky cables in a rich licorice black.  My bulky skein of blue/green yarn measured 576 yards.  For under $6 (and after a week of constant knitting) I'm excited to say I am the proud honor of a one-of-a-kind infinity scarf.  

When most people picture a knitter, they think of a gray-haired granny.  However it seems as though 
more college gals are trading in their dancing shoes and little black dresses for oversized knitting needles and skeins of multicolored yarn.  Thanks to organizations like "Stitch 'n Bithch" knitters and crocheters are able to get together on a regular basis to stitch, and well, you know.  All meetings are open to the public and free of charge.  After a simple google search, it should be no problem at all to find a local knitting group (or if one doesn't already exist, create your own.) 

It Stretches to Be 41/2 feet
then it's Doubled Over  

So, if all this knitting talk has got you curious, I've included a video link so you can learn to tie a slip knot and cast on for yourself.  But beware, it does get addictive!

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