Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Advice comes Two Years too Late

uga.pngThis past weekend, after a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, my sister decided UGA is the college for her. As I celebrate her big decision, I can't help but think about my own collegiate choice.  With less than four months until she graduates, I'm sure a million thoughts are running through her head. So for this blog entry, I'm dedicating it to my baby sis. I guess you could say this is my "advice column" made especially for her. So, here it goes...

  • Don't sweat the small stuff- You only have a few more months of Tattnall. Then, you'll really learn what the saying "that's so high school" really means. Once you get to college, things that seem so important now(like prom limo drama, AP test prep, and Senior Superlatives nominations) no longer matter.  
  • Make New Friends-I know right now you're the only person that's a future bulldog, but if others attend UGA too, don't limit your inner circle to just fellow Maconites. One of the best things about college is the ability to reinvent yourself. Sure, it'll be fun to facebook creep on your friend's GSU experiences, but don't be afraid to meet new people.  However, I'll warn you; it will be slightly awkward when you have lunch with one of your TSA friends that you haven't seen in over a year. You both realize the only thing you have left to talk about is gossiping about former frenemies. 
  • Stay at School-Don't come home every weekend. Make sure you enjoy these next few years. Sure, you'll read more pages of useless knowledge than you ever thought possible, and I'm sure you'll see quite a few sleepless nights. But, enjoy every minute of it. Don't make the 2 hour drive from Athens to Macon every Friday afternoon. Now, I'm definitely not saying never see the parents, but enjoy Athens and take advantage of all it has to offer.  Plus, I'm kinda jealous of your ability to attend football games every Saturday of the fall. Gosh, you're gonna be so collegey! 
  • Your Roommate Doesn't Have to Be your Best Friend-As you know, my roommate and I definitely weren't besties. I remember hearing this advice a million times before I left Mactown; however, I always thought I'd be the exception. Now, definitely be nice to her, but don't just assume she'll be the maid of honor at your wedding some day. 
  • Stay True to Yourself-Beck, you're such an amazing person, and I, of course, love you so much.  I know this sounds so cliche, but seriously keep yourself grounded.  In your yearbook, way to many people will write "never change." Now, that's sucky advice. Obviously, you'll be experiencing mega changes these next 4 years. But still, stay true to your values, and remember what's really important to you.  

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